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3rd January 2006

12:19am: i am a momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Copied from CC-feb mommas tread!

Hi Ladies, sorry I been MIA! (but I been having health issues)

First of all Happy New Year ladies!!!!

Second of all, I want to announce the arrival of:


Born on December 26th at 9:23am
16 1/4 long, 3 pounds 11 ounces.
Born via C-section.

Ladies...I can't believe I am a momma! He was born at 32 weeks.

On Christmas eve I felt like crap, had a major major headache, I had been having issues with high blood pressure reading of 150/90, 140/90 for about 2 weeks, weight loss/gain on and off. I only gained 7 pounds in the whole pregnancy. For the first time on x-mas eve I had some swelling. My feet were huge, so I just put them up thinking I had overdone it. The doctor had talked to me about Toxemia/preeclampcia, but he just kept increasing my BP medication and having me pee in a jug for 24 hours. I had some protein in my urine, but it wasn't too high. It was borderline.

That day, I also saw spots/sparks in my vision...not really thinking of "ECLAMPSIA" just yet, I went to bed early I remember waking up about 11:40pm and I even got up to pee, well around midnight (x-mas day) I had seizures and was taken to the hospital. l don't know much, just going by what my family told me. I had several seizures and didn't recognize anyone. I finally came back to my senses about 5-6am (x-mas day) but still that day is a blurr. They tried to induce me right away with pitocin and after waiting all day on X-mas, they decided to do a c section on me because the baby didn't like the contractions and I was just not dialating at all.

Baby and I are doing great. I got released already, but baby is still in the hospital. Nothing is wrong with him, He is breathing on his own (THANK GOD), they just need him to gain a little more weight. We are feeding him through a tube that is hooked through his nose, because they want him to use all his energy to gain weight, which he has been gaining everyday since he was born. They are thinking that maybe we get to take him home at the end of the week. (please cross your fingers for us) It's was/is so hard to come home without him. He is my little peanut, he is so small, but so alert and strong. Doctors are amazed of how well he is doing for a premie. He does have a bit of jaundice, but nothing to be alarmed about. A few more days under the biliblanket should do it.

Well Ladies, I am exhausted, I will post a picture a soon as I can (maybe tomorrow!)

P.s. I am still in total shock that I became a momma "last" year and that my little Adrian is a week old today!

23rd June 2005


14th April 2005

9:07am: I think I am going to give this journal another try. We are in the middle of Building a house and it's driving me a little nuts!

29th September 2004

10:19pm: I have a ton of apples. We went apple picking over the weekend. I am currently looking for ideas to "can" apples. This idea actually scares me I hope it's not too complicated. I know it's probably a lot of work, but maybe this weekend I can try it.

Michigan apples are the best and I wouldn't want to waste one of them. They would be great this winter.

I just looked on WC and they have a tread on Canning. I am going to check it out.
9:53pm: deleted
Current Mood: happy

30th August 2004

10:55pm: I fly out to CA on Thusday night. Vj's wedding is this saturday.

I got the cutest silver shoes to go with my lavender dress. Ryan has to p/u his tux on Friday. I also have to visit the seamstress on Friday morning to pick up my dress that I haven't seen, I hope it looks good on me. I am quite nervous to be honest!

My parents were here for 3 weeks. We had a great time. Took them to Chicago. They really enjoyed that city!

27th July 2004

11:05pm: So i went away again and it's funny what made me come back to check up on LJ and WC in the first place. I remembered that someone who frequented my journal was supposed to get married this month. So I search for her journal and find nothing! So I try to remember the people that visited her journal and apparently she caused some major chaos and she is no longer on WC. Wow, its incredible how people you have never met somehow stay with you.

Anyways... A lot has happened since the last time that I visited. Ryan and I have our own place now. We finally decided to move out of my inlaws. Can you say about time? Shit, I should of done it a while ago!

We have a 2 bedroom apartment and we love it! We are slowly fixing it up. I love being alone with my husband. We just got a new DELL Computer and we hooked it up today...hence that is why I am online tonight.

Work is going great. I still work long hours. Average about 53 hours a week or so. It's still a very rewarding job.

My family is coming to visit me for 3 weeks! They come in this Saturday. I am getting really excited. I did get the chance to go to CA for a week and a half back in June.

Well better get going, work calls bright and early tomorrow!

10th April 2004

9:01pm: Its been way to long. I been MIA for a while. My job has kept me very busy. No time for anything!

I plan to start to workout again tomorrow. My friend VJ is getting married and I have been asked to be a bridesmaid, the wedding is on September 4th (Labor day weekend) in Riverside! We already booked our flight. I want to loose weight to look good, wish me luck! I have to find a lavender dress. Ryan is going to be a groomsmen. How exciting. We have never been in a wedding party!

Happy Easter!

10th February 2004

10:01pm: I am still alive...
What a week! I can't even begin to describe my life right now...

I wake up at 5am, get home about 5:30pm, eat and go to bed!! I have been working 10-11-12 hour days with no lunch...I just munch on food when I have a chance.

I been alone for 3 days so far and I love it. A couple of ladies from other plants have been coming in to train me for a few hours. That has helped a lot. The lady that left, left a mess behind. I really think she got overwhelmed and gave up.

There so much I want to get into, but it's late and I am tired and need to get to bed. I promise to come tomorrow night and update. Unfortunately internet access at work is a big NO-NO...As soon as I try to get on Yahoo.com (my e-mail) It said.. in big red letters "RESTRICTED ACCESS, IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU MUST LOOK AT THIS PAGE, PLEASE CONTACT TECH SUPPORT...blah, blah, blah...

Talk about e-mail withdrawal! I am the type of person that would check personal e-mail at least 5 times an hour....I am getting used to it though, It's not like I have time at work to check it anyways.

so there you have it, my life, or so called "life"


1st February 2004

9:19pm: so much to talk about

Good news, I have a new job!! I started on Friday. I am the new HR and Accounting Manager for a Nation wide company!! I am so glad.

I have mixed emotions. Friday was such a long day. I started work at 6:30 am and left at 4:15pm and I didn't get a lunch. This is a very busy place.  I am hesitant about  the accounting. I have never ever been in charge of Accouting before. I think there is so much to cover that I don't even know where to start.

The plant I am working at is moving to a new location in April. Until then, I will be working by myself. Until then I will be able to hire a receptionist and an Accouting clerk.

I saw an add in the paper on Wednesday morning, and I applied on-line immediately. Well when I got home at 4:45, I already had a message to set up an Interview appt. I immediately called and he gave me the interview for the next day at 9am (Thurs) Over the phone he was telling me that he knew exactly where Cal State Fullerton was. He shared with me, that he had been out in CA for 3 years because the company had transfered him over there (Rialto).

I showed up to the appointment and he was very impressed with my skills and education. I had a good feeling. He had me talk to the plant manager and he was impressed with me too. (I knew, they were going to offer the job to me, I just knew it) I was there for about an hour and then he asked me to give him a call by 4 pm, because he was going to interview all day.

I get in my car and start to drive to MP. I call my parents and told them how excited I was, as I was talking to my parents a call comes in. It was him, the General Manager and he said,
"Lucy I just canceled all the interviews I had for the rest of the day!"
There was silence...
I ask, "Is that a good thing?"
"Yes, we would like to offer you the position."
I said, "Thank you!" and asks for me to return for a drug test.

My head was spinning with excitement. Finally having a degree paid off. I come back to my parents and tell them the good news. I can heard them jumping for joy for me.

I go to MP and tell them that I got the job and they want me to start tomorrow. There faces dropped. I sat in my desk and cleaned it out. I couldn't believe it. I was finally going to be working in the field that I love. By 3pm, they called me into the back room. There were flowers, a card and a cake. I was emotional. My co-workers wished me luck and asked me to keep in touch.

Friday I got trained all day by the lady that is leaving. She leaves next Thursday. She is very very very very disorganized! I don't think she knows what she is talking about. She claims that she is leaving because her drive to work is too long. She has been there since June. She lives in Michigan, but the general manager said that they were having a lot of problems with her, because she isn't fast enough. She is also a "hill-billy" not professional at all!

I am just ready for her to leave, so I can learn on my own. Friday was a long day,but I know things will get better this week.

So that is what has been going on with me. I forgot to add, I didn't get the position at the hospital, but they did offer me to be a temp HR Assistant to cover a maternity leave. I was going to start on Feb 16th. Funny how things work out. When it rains it pours, Yesterday i got a call for a HR manager position too. It felt good to say, "Thank you, but I just received a great job offer on Thursday." hehe



19th January 2004

12:47pm: Weekend Update...
Weekends are always too short, aren't they?

I am glad to announce that Isabella Susana made her appearance on Saturday 1/17/04 @ 9:38am. She is 7 pds 8oz and is 21 inches long! Congrats to Brenda and David!

Brenda and baby are both doing very well. My parents went to see them yesterday. My mom says that the baby looks completely like David. Brenda started pushing at 9:20 am and by 9:38am the baby was out. She did have 3 days of painful contractions though.

Saturday-We did some major cleaning and laundry. Watched Newlyweds marathon on MTV~ Went to eat with the in-laws. At night we watched, Uptown Girls, American Wedding and Freedy Vs Jason, which we stopped watching b/c it was stupid.

Sun-Did nothing, helped BIL with his resume. We made plans for CA!

We are going June 10-June 19th. The in-laws are going too. We plan to fly Thursday night from Chicago. I called my parents and they were completely excited.

We are planing to go to Vegas, since in-laws have never been there, Ca Adventure and D-land. :)

Weight loss issues:
I did go to the gym last week, but I didn't do any yoga. I weighed myself this morning and it's up 5 pds again. I am so upset. I am thinking that I really need to watch what I eat. I am thinking about taking a look at the Atkins or SBD. I want to look good when I go back in June. I want to surprise my family, even though I have lost 25 pds. I want to "WOW" them. So my new goal is to loose 30 pds by June 10th. Think it can be done? I hope so!

Tomorrow is my interview I am so excited. I hope this is the one! I want stability in my life!

14th January 2004

10:04pm: Updates!

 New opportunity!

I got a call from a hospital. I am going to Interview on Tuesday @ 3pm for an Executive Assistant position! Official title is Executive Assistant to the VP of Human Resources, something else, something else...(I wrote it down at work)

I am so excited!! WISH ME TONS OF LUCK!

Elementary school.

I got a call from the princial a few hours ago...I didn't get the job at the elementary school. They were torn between me and another candidate. Oh well, things happen for a reason.

Vegas update.

I can't go see Britney in Vegas, I completely forgot that I am Co-hosting a shower for Heather!! Her shower is on March 6. ekk, good thing that I didn't get carried away and purchase the tickets.

Current Mood: busy

12th January 2004

11:07pm: My birthday present?

Is it weird that Ryan and I want to go see britney in concern? hehehe (You can roll your eyes now.. =P)

We are looking at MGM grand in Vegas on Sat, March 6

Orlando, FL on Thursday 3/29

Moline, IL Thursday 3/18 (4-5 hours from us)-i could probably stay with family there

Cleveland, OH on Thurs 4/1 (4-5 hours from us)

Weird, I think the woman is growing on us! Maybe it's because she is such a slut now and is I think out of her teeny booper stage, or at least we hope so! ;)

Obviously, we want Vegas, plus it's on a weekend. So we could fly friday from Midway and take Mon off. Maybe meet my family there!! What a awesome trip that would be...Must not get to excited...must look at our budget first!


Current Mood: giddy
2:08pm: Interview Update
I just came from my interview. I think I did well. I got interviewed by the Counselor, nurse, bookeeper and another admin. It went pretty fast. They were all friendly. I could read their expressions on their face and they looked pleased. I really feel good about it. Keep your fingers crossed for me!! I really want this job.
Current Mood: complacent
9:01am: They called me!
I got the call yesterday for a second interview. I have it today at 1pm. I am excited!

The principal said...
"I can't wait for you to meet our team...can't wait to see your smile and sparkling face!"...eek!

Wish me luck!!

Well the Christmas Party was a blast. It was extremely nice. The main course was Prime Rib, but this Rib was RARE...I am sorry I just can't bare to see blood dripping in my plate. It was not even medium, it was RARE...I just couldn't eat it. Other people were devouring it. Ryan ate it. EEK! I think I had too much rum and pineapple though ;)

I am down 5 pds, basically the pounds that I had gained over the holidays.

I got my 401k check from CA, so I went shopping this weekend. I needed new pants, since I been swimming in my old ones for a while. I also got a new coat. Its soooo nice and warm, I will have to post of picture of it.

Oh yeah. I paid off my Target card. Now, I can go and tear it into little pieces. :P

9th January 2004

1:09pm: TGIF!~
I had an interview this morning @ an Elementary School. It went pretty good. Very nice atmosphere. I am supposed to get a call over the weekend to see if I am selected for a 2nd interview. The pay is crappy, but the benefits are nice.

Tomorrow is Ryan's Christmas party. I have no idea what I am going to wear, since it's so damm cold!!!

Hmmm, Maybe I will wear what I wore at Brenda's wedding.
Current Mood: thirsty

6th January 2004

8:00pm: My period is here...I guess I am not preggo! :P

This is not our time...and we are ok with it!
Current Mood: relieved
12:12pm: Well girlies, something is definately wrong!

I tested lastnight and a line came up and disappeared. I used Answer First Responce. (same one as in the AM)

This morning I used, First Response and It was a BFN. SO I am thinking that the Answer Test was invalid.

I feel sad. :( We were very excited, but Ryan encouraged me and told me not rule it out, since my period isn't here yet.
Current Mood: sad

5th January 2004

2:07pm: Happy New Year to us...We are pregnant! We think...
Tested positive this morning...Got a faint VISIBLE line immediately!!! (maybe 1 minute later), I showed Ryan, he saw it! We were in shock! I went into the shower and when I came out, it was gone! So I will test again tomorrow morning, or maybe even tonight. I looked at an online calendar I am 12-13DPO.

I am so happy, nervous, ecstatic, you name it. I can't believe it! OMG!~

I called my doctor and I got a funny response...
"A line is a line, as long as it came in within the time allowed (3 minutes)"

So with that said, I have my first OB appt on Tuesday January 13 @ 9am!

Ryan thinks it might be a false alarm...so we will see tomorrow.

Now I know why I been feeling like crap. My BB's are sore and very very sensitive to touch and gas...OMG I will never make fun of the Twit ever again...HAHAHA well maybe a little! ;) That one was for you Jamie!
Current Mood: ecstatic

3rd January 2004

10:52pm: Delicious Ribs
Well My new year's eve dinner went great! They came out perfect. Ryan loved them and we were so stuffed!
We watched:
Freaky Friday
Seabisket (sp?)

Between yesterday and today we watched
The Italian Job (good!)
How to Deal

I also just finished doing Yoga...1 hour. I need to get back on track, New year, new goals!

My fitness goal is to keep my motivation to continue going to they gym. I want to be 60 pds lighter by the end of 2004 which is equivalent to loosing 5 pds a month! Of course if I loose more it would just be awesome!

oh yeah and the Inlaws are home...No more running around in my Pj's! ;)
They brought me a T-shirt from Hard Rock Cafe and one from the purdue Capital One bowl.
Current Mood: happy
10:42pm: Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Celebration. Looking upon 2003, it looks like this year was a good one for us, despite my job issues I had at the beginning of the year!

I must say I am proud of myself for the following:

*No baby conceived, we decided to wait for at least 1-2 years...
*We have a set budget for 2004...yes I have it done all the way until the end of December!
*We saved for a digital Camera and didn't place it on credit!
*We stopped using our credit cards
*We have an emergency fund now
*I joined a gym! and I am 21 pds lighter...not heavier! (insert BIG GRIN HERE)

I am sure there are more reasons to be grateful for 2003, but that is all I can think of!

31st December 2003

2:56pm: We just got word that we can leave at 3pm. Its 2:57 now...so

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Talk to you next year!
12:40pm: TMI...
Ok, whats up with this? My boobs hurt, they are very sensitive and I feel completely bloated! Ryan "jokes" around and says that I am preggo. Totally not funny!
Current Mood: annoyed
8:09am: What a great morning. I had the best nights sleep last night. The inlaws are on their way to Florida as we speak. They called us at 6:15am to make sure we were up! ummm,Uh-huh! They said they have been up since 3am, because they couldn't sleep, the hotel didn't have comfortable beds.

I was bad lastnight, I didn't go to the gym, but I did go grocery shopping. Ryan cooked lastnight. He made me some Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes with country gravy, he also baked cresent rolls, they were good!

I cleaned afterwards, especially the fridge! Yuck, that was nasty, but finally it's clean.

Ryan has been craving ribs, so for the first time ever I am cooking Ribs! I have watched my mom cook them, but I myself have never tried, so wish me luck! I did ask my mom how to make them, so I hope I don't mess up our New Year's eve dinner!

I hope they let us off at noon today! I think I might call in sick On Friday, just b/c I feel like a day off!

I am off to look for some recipes...I don't feel like working today, can you tell?
Current Mood: energetic

30th December 2003

7:27am: Workout Goals
Well the holidays brought me a nasty present...I gained 5 pds!!

I hope to loose them this week!!! I bet they are mostly water weight or lack of activity weight, since my last activity date was last Tuesday 12/23/03, so I did kick my ass and made myself do Yoga lastnight (30 minutes)

My Goals:

Mon 12/29-Yoga-30 minutes
Tues 12/30-Gym-at least 45 minutes of Cardio, and do weights
Wed 12/31-Yoga-1 hour!
Thu 1/1-Gym is closed, so I will do some Yoga, 30 minutes
Fri 1/2-Yoga-30 minutes
Sat 1/3-Gym-at least 45 minutes of Cardio, and do weights

Drink water!
Drink Green Tea!
Eat Fruits in the AM
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